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Why Ecobike?

Ecobike is the pioneer company in the manufacture of electric bicycles in Spain which gives us control and total knowledge of our bikes. Our product stands out for the local manufacture with European products of maximum quality as well as an exclusive electronic system of last generation, unique in the market.

How can I recharge my Ecobike battery?

All batteries are removable. With each of our electric bikes you will receive a charger that you can plug at your 220 volts home electric outlet.

To recharge the battery must first connect the charger to the battery box, and then connect it to the electric outlet. The charge will be completed in 4-8 hours and will be i indicated by the green led light of the charger. During charging, the charger LED indicator will be red, when charge is completed, charger LED will turn green.

What is the average lifespan of a battery?

The average lifespan of a lithium battery depends of use and cycles, average life of our batteries is above 2 years.

Battery life depends on its use, if properly maintained it will last for 50-600 charging cycles which in many cases can be more than 4 years.

When the battery of my Ecobike stops working, where I can get parts of it?

The spare batteries are available at authorized centers. Ecobike recommends replacing old batteries to facilitate recycling of batteries.

How long will Ecobike motor last?

Ecobike motor is sealed, and it is guaranteed for a period of one year against manufacturing failures life, average life span is above ten years.

Waht range has an Ecobike bicycle?

Our bikes have a range of 40-60 km with our 10Ah battery.

We can offer batteries up to 20Ah that can increase the range to about 130km.

Factors that directly influence the battery range are:  rider´s weight, trip profile, use of throttle, braking, etc.

What can I customize on an Ecobike electric bike?

It is possible to customize electric bike parts and battery capacity, we can also customize controller setup to adjust to your riding needs.

Where can I get post-sales service for my Ecobike?

You can get post-sales services on standard bike components in any regular bicycle shop.

To service electrical components, you must contact approved service centers or our Technical Services Central at  Ecobike.

Can I use my Ecobike if it's raining?

You can use your bike if it's raining. Still, Ecobike recommends dry with a cloth electrical parts (battery connectors, batteries, light controller) before starting the engine again  if the bike has been parked or used under heavy rain.

does the motor work if I stop pedaling?

No. Under the current rules engine electric bicycles must stop when you stop pedaling. You can only ride up to 6Km/h without pedaling with the use of the throttle.

Do they need some kind of approval?

All our electric bikes comply with the European EN norm 15194 for EPAC (Electric pedal assisted cycles.
This regulation establishes the following points that can be differentiated from a moped and define it as a conventional bicycle:

  • The motor must stop when you are not pedaling.
  • The motor must stop when exceeding 25 km / h.
  • The engine power must not exceed 250 W.

What is battery weight?

The Lithium battery weights between 2.8 and 3.5 kg depending on the amperage.

Is the battery charged while pedaling?

Batteries are not charged up while pedaling. This technique provides little extra energy at a higher cost and is not recommended for the battery life span.

What is the energy consumption of an electric bike?

The consumption per 100km is 1kw / h.

Is a license required to carry an electric bike or pay some insurance?

Unlike motorcycles and cars, electric bicycles do not need any permission or pay insurance for driving on public roads.

Is the use of helmet mandatory?

In Europe helmet use on bikes is regulated on a country basis. In Spain it  is required to drive on intercity  roads.

While it is always advisable to use helmets to ride a bike, you can check your local regulations regarding this issue.

Can I use bike lanes?

Of course you can, electric bike regulations as far as traffic regulations are concerned are exactly the same as those for regular bikes. This being a big advantage compared to other vehicles such as motorcycles or cars.