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electric bicycle

More than 12 years making electric bicycles

Eco Bike is a family company dedicated to consulting, manufacturing and sales of electric bicycles for all kind of customers. With more than 12 years of experience and research in the electric world, we manufacture high quality products at an affordable price and with a unique after-sales service.

electric bicycle

Focused on health and sustainability


Ecobike is committed   to a sustainable society with intelligent, clean, peaceful and quiet cities, and healthy people

We promote a high quality ecotourism proposal, based on the preservation of the environment and the use of the electric bike for all audiences, regardless of sex or age to be used as the ideal vehicle to visit the most spectacular sceneries.

Ecobike electric bikes offer many benefits, allowing users to make long journeys excessive sweating or tiredness, but keeping you in good shape.

It is also an economical solution that can save big expenses and inconveniences such as insurance, taxes, helmets, fines, parking, etc.

Ecobike electric bikes are also an excellent solution against global heating.

Philosophy and goals

Ecobike is a family business not just because of the  family members that  are involved in the  company, but also for the  great family that we have created   together with our customers and suppliers.

Our philosophy focuses, on a very direct and close relationship with those that we work with and with whom we share this healthy passion.

Our objective is to provide our customers, with best quality product at a competitive price and with a fast and efficient service by continuously developing our knowledge and technology.

Pioneers, research and developement

As pioneers in the market for electric bicycles, especially pioneers in research, development and manufacturing in our country, we control our products 100% and are able to offer the best quality at the best price.

We are also offering advisory and consulting services for larger projects for fleets or special bike developments mainly amongst city rental bikes, tourist rental fleets and business fleets, and new electric bike developments.